In the land of Snake - Eaters

Santhosh George travels through Taiwan and finds that everywhere snake meat is the best delicacy people enjoy. Taiwan is indeed a snake kingdom, as people eagerly wait to buy snake meat, snake blood and milk with added snake venom!

  Tith Senith:A Tragic Story in Cambodia
This is the story of a young man, one who is in search of his kin among the 'dead'. His name is Tith Senith, a tour guide in Phom Penh. He is a very efficient guide, smart enough to guide the tourists through the past and the present of his country.
  Jester of Beer Garden in Munich

Wouldn’t it be amusing if someone mimics you while you walk through the streets, and the passers by laugh their hearts out?   

  Sleepless Night in Kenyan Forest

In the expedition across the African continent, the trips along the Kenyan forests are unforgettable. Going deep into the thick forests to photograph the animals had been a dream for me.